Manta Night Snorkel

Manta Night Snorkel

2015 Pricing:
$109 (snorkelers) + tax
*Minimum 7-years old

The Travel Channel calls it "ONE OF THE TOP-TEN THINGS TO DO IN YOUR LIFETIME". Experiencing the beauty of these creatures up close and personal is an experience you will always cherish.

1.5-hr Cruise (Times vary by sunset) Includes:

  • Warm Soup & Bread Rolls
  • Snacks & Hot Drinks
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Wetsuit
  • Snorkel Instruction

Additional Options:

  • No Host Bar
  • Personalized Video


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24 hour cancellation period. 72 hours for parties of 10 or more.

Kona Manta Snorkel -- One of the top-ten things to do in your lifetime

The Travel Channel calls the manta ray snorkel "ONE OF THE TOP-TEN THINGS TO DO IN YOUR LIFETIME". Experiencing the beauty of the manta ray up close and personal is an experience you will always cherish.

Our snorkel adventure is at night for the best viewing of the manta rays. Although you can view manta rays during daylight hours, they feed most actively at night when many plankton rise towards the surface providing one of the favorite foods on which mantas feed. Using lights that are safe for the manta, we are able to attract these plankton which attracts the mantas.

Manta rays do not have stingers like the Sting Rays, mantas are completely safe to be around. Learn more about manta rays here. We invite you to the ultimate manta ray snorkeling experience!

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Our "Manta Ray Snorkel Pledge"

Should the rare occassion occur where there are zero manta sightings, you are welcome to come again - Free of Charge.

Valid for either a Hula Kai Manta Cruise or Fair Wind Afternoon Snorkel Cruise

  • Offer valid during same vacation only
  • Based on space availability - please reschedule ASAP
  • Other restrictions may apply - call for details
  • No Refunds Provided

History of the Manta Ray Night Snorkel

The Kona Surf Hotel, which is now the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort, lit up their pool and the ocean with floodlights, not realizing the lights attract plankton.  Plankton is the microscopic larvae stage of various fish, shrimp, crab, and lobsters—and is what manta rays feed on. So, the lights brought the plankton, which brought the manta rays. In 1991 dive operators began leading dives to this location, known as Manta Village, to see these amazing creatures. Join us on a Manta Snorkel Tour for your chance to see them up close—and experience one of the Top 10 things to do in your lifetime!

Manta Tour Etiquette
Observe, don't touch - Touching the manta rays can scare them off and it can harm them. They have a special mucus coating on their skin that keeps them safe from bacteria and infection, if you touch them, you may rub off this protective mucus.

 Snorkeler Zones
There are two zones for viewing the manta rays: snorkeler zone at the surface and the manta zone in the middle and bottom. It is very important to keep the manta zone (middle area) clear. If you are snorkeling stay at the surface. Please no free-diving to be with the manta rays; they will come to you. Guests are expected to abide by all water safety & boundary rules set forth by the Captain and Crew.

ALCOHOL; PLEASE NOTE: Per Hawaii County Liquor Laws, guests are NOT ALLOWED to bring alcohol onto the vessels. Hula Kai does have a license for alcohol sales, available on-board.

More Manta Ray Information